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Keep up to date with salon-disinfection standards and provide your clients with an eased mind. 
At 8” x 6” x 5”, KUPA's Ultrasonic Cleaner Disinfector is small enough to fit on your manicuring table yet large enough to hold all your implements, electric file bits, metal files, and more for the touch-of-a-button ultrasonic vibrations. The machine works with all EPA-registered disinfection systems. Simply fill with your favorite disinfection solution insert your implements and set the timer. Ultra sonic waves will loosen trapped particles while the disinfectant sanitizes your implements. Degas feature to intensify your cleaning process. Features pre-set digital timers with a touch button keypad for ease of use and clean up. The disinfector comes with a a standard 110V plug. 

With each Ultra Sonic Disinfector purchase, get a FREE LUCAS-CIDE 4 oz. sanitizer & disinfectant concentrate (makes 8 gallons).  1 pint = 16 fl. ounces per fill of machine.

Ultrasonic Desinfector

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